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Morpheus Creations, is a Vancouver-based LLC film, TV, and commercial production company. Established in 2019, our passion lies in crafting narratives that shatter boundaries and unite people. Morpheus has two primary areas of business, creation of original IP and production servicing to narrative and commercial content.  As the namesake of the god of dreams, Morpheus is driven by a singular mission—to craft dreams and transform them into compelling stories that defy boundaries. Led by CEO Louis Wei and COO Kyle Guerrero, Morpheus specializes in the art of bringing visionary tales to life. Morpheus possesses a unique talent for maximizing the impact of every dollar, ensuring that production is both efficient and cost-effective without sacrifices standards. Rooted in an unbridled passion for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to quality. Morpheus is dedicated to creating content that not only captivates audiences but etches an enduring impression in their hearts and minds.

Our Team

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Louis Wei

CEO, Writer, Director

Louis Wei is a Canadian-Chinese multidisciplinary creative from Vancouver, BC. His artistic journey began as a concert pianist, becoming the second Canadian ever to be signed as a Young Steinway Artist. During his time at Brown University, while he studied music engineering, Louis found his true calling as a filmmaker. Beginning his career in camera, Louis soon shifted his sights to writing and directing. Driven by an unwavering passion for telling stories that make audiences feel they can overcome and conquer the impossible, Louis established Morpheus Creations in 2019 with the mission to empower fellow creatives in pursuing their artistic visions. Louis believes storytelling transcends mere narratives and that it's about fostering communities, bridging divides, and uniting people. Louis has written, directed, produced, and composed for Reverie, The Queens Gamble, Serial Love and has his sights on many more.

Kyle Guerrero

COO, Producer, Writer

Kyle Guerrero, an accomplished Canadian-American producer based in Vancouver, BC, embarked on his journey in the world of entertainment in 2016. His initial intrigue was acting, which led him to appear in shows such as "Hudson & Rex" and "Astrid & Lily Save the World." Kyle's artistic evolution soon steered him toward producing and writing. With a foundation in business management and marketing, Kyle swiftly excelled with the art of producing. His strengths lay in orchestrating diverse teams of creatives, steering projects towards resounding success, both creatively and financially. What fuels Kyle's passion are projects that challenge conventions, shedding light on the voices of underrepresented communities using the medium of film as a bridge to unite a divided world. In 2021, Kyle furthered his career by joining Morpheus Creations. This partnership marked the beginning of a profound mission: to breathe life into powerful and impactful content. Since then, Kyle has produced an array of major short films, including "The Ornament," "Leo," "Reverie," and numerous commercials. Kyle has an unwavering commitment to identifying the next narrative gems that will captivate and inspire audiences.

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