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Thriller Short Film (2021)


On Valentines night, 18 year old Samantha who longs for the perfect love is torn between her long term boyfriend Jake who's she feels shes falling out of love with and the alluring Ricky. The night turns deadly at Ricky's party, as friends are murdered one by one. Ricky's dark obsession surfaces, revealing his chilling motive to win Samantha's heart. She faces a perilous choice between love and survival, unearthing betrayals and desires. 'Cupid' is a cautionary tale of love's treacherous paths, blending lust and obsession into a chilling thriller reminiscent of 'You' and 'Valentine'."

Written By:

Kyle Guerrero &

Louis Wei

 Directed By:

Louis Wei

Ryan Cheng & 
Kyle Guerrero


Director of Photography:

Parham Banafsheh &
Ian Mroweski


Production  Designer: 
Tye Leseur

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