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Serial Love

 Short Film (2023)


A charming man who kills for justice meets a sociopathic woman who kills for the thrill of it. The farther they go, the deeper they fall in love. After years of killing, the two start a family. While raising their young daughter, our main character's perspective on life slowly shifts. His daughter opens his eyes to unconditional love and makes him want to leave these murderous compulsions behind him. Unfortunately this is not something his wife can let go of, driving a wedge between them. He flees with their daughter. Outraged and betrayed, she explodes, realizing that this is it. In her transformation she becomes the third fate. Finding peace that she is at her end.

Written & Directed:

Louis Wei

Ryan Cheng &
  Kyle Guerrero

Director of Photography:

Parham Banafsheh &

Ian Mroweski

Production  Designer: 
Samantha Lam

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